Dr. Marcus is available 24/7, only for ESTABLISHED patients in an emergency.

As noted in that voicemail Dr. Marcus can be reached for emergencies by cell phone (texting is preferred). EMERGENCY ONLY phone #: 917-204-5960
(Please note that medications refills is not considered an emergency except due to unforeseen circumstances. Dr. Marcus, will always make sure that you have enough medications based on your scheduled follow up appointment)

Dr. Marcus will try to respond as soon as possible.  That may not be immediately.  If you cannot wait for her to call you back, and you need an immediate attention, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. At the ER, have the doctor there try to call my Emergency Cell phone.

Dr. Marcus is not affiliated with any hospital. In case of the need for a hospital admission, you will go to the hospital approved by your health insurance and Dr. Marcus will communicate with the treating physician to exchange information and to ensure continuation of care

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