Prescription Refill Policy

Dr. Marcus asks her patients to always have a follow up appointment.  Dr. Marcus, provide her patients with enough medications and refills till the next time she wants to follow up with you and asks you to schedule your appointment.  If you have an appointment in the schedule, we will make sure that you will have your medications, before any predicted closing the office or any travel of Dr. Marcus.  If for any reason, you didn’t schedule an appointment and you will be running out of medications, please remember to request refills at least 5 days before you need them.  We do not respond to refill requests on the weekends (since we don’t necessary check the office voicemail on weekends) .  Dr. Marcs would not like to be reached by emergency cell phone on the weekend simply to have a medication refilled because it has run out on the weekend.

Also, Dr. Marcus, prefers that all her patients t do NOT ENROLL in automatic pharmacy computer refill systems.  These automated systems are often inaccurate.  If you need a refill on medication: call the office (732) 530-3122 during our working hours or leave a message on the voicemail system. Please do not have your pharmacist call the office, at least not before you have communicated with us directly

Thanks for understanding and working with us on this so that we can deploy our time more efficiently to serve you better.

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